Our Experience

About Bond Financial Group

Our Background

Our many years of hands-on experience encompasses both the domestic and international market, and includes many ventures in developed and established areas in North America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa and Mexico and emerging countries in Europe, Russia, Asia and South America.

Our knowledge and understanding of Structured Finance, Corporate Venturing, Foreign Direct Investment, Business Development and the Capital Market is extensive and as such, it enables us to provide companies with our trademark performance. For companies looking for corporate finance, they can be assured that the members of Bond Financial Group and their associates have the knowledge, technique and understanding of corporate investment as it relates to the international lending market.

This knowledge and understanding comes from many years of extensive research and development in the International financial market place.

The majority of our business comes from referrals; from corporations, individuals, Brokers, Consultants, CPA’s, the Legal profession and in some cases investment bankers. In order for us to present a project to suitable financial sources, it is essential that the client provides us with complete, correct and proper documentation. Where needed, and to help our clients achieve this, we offer the services of an associate company which will individually design and prepare a complete finance and business plan.

In addition to the Finance Consulting Services we offer, companies appoint us for National and International Due Diligence Site Inspections. Traveling the Globe with a ‘hands on’ approach to verify the viability and the accuracy of a project.

The International corporate finance and lending market is constantly changing due to new challenges in the economy of most countries. Bond Financial Group incorporate its’ knowledge of different industries and ventures with that of the capital providing market to complete any complex transaction.

The Management and Team of Bond Financial Group has extensive experience in the world of corporate finance and business investment.  We welcome your enquiries.

Loan Consultants, Intermediaries and Brokers

We welcome the Submission of any project and or a finance request by any Loan Consultants, Intermediaries and Brokers; also any Company, Firm or Organization is welcome to submit their project directly to us.

Contact us by e-mail to discuss or submit an application for project financing. We will normally respond within 24 hours to discuss the case and if appropriate, we will send you our Intake Form for your completion. This Intake Form will provide us with the initial information we require to determine whether or not we can assist you in your financing request.

Once the funding request process has commenced, we retain the right to deal directly with the principals of the project. All Intermediaries will be copied on ALL correspondence and thus will always be aware of the progress of the loan process.

As an Intermediary, you are not considered to be a partner, consultant, advisor or representative of Bond financial Group and no Intermediary is authorized to interpret our policies, procedures or to make any commitment or statement to any client or entity on our behalf.

All Intermediaries ‘success fees’ are distributed directly from the financed proceeds at closing. It is the responsibility of the intermediary to secure their ‘success fee’ with a contract with their client. All valid intermediary contracts are honored at closing.

Packages and documents should be submitted by email: info@bondfinancial.us

In the event that project details are sent by FedEx, UPS, DHL or other carrier, to our underwriting department, they will not be returned, unless the client or Intermediary has pre-paid the return cost.

We protect our relationship with all independent Intermediaries. And value their project submittals.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, you can contact us by e-mail at: info@bondfinancial.us. Existing clients can reach us by phone, however it is necessary for us to schedule the time of the call due to the many Global time frames, therefore incoming calls are accepted only at pre-arranged times.

Please e-mail to set up a time: info@bondfinancial.us.