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Project Financing


Bond Financial Group  has more than 50 years of management experience in the World of Finance including business consulting, business analysis, Domestic and International due diligence and corporate finance. It is because of this level of experience in the International Corporate Finance market, that companies seek our services for Finance Consulting.

Our knowledge and understanding comes from many years of extensive operations worldwide. In addition, we are frequently requested to conduct on-site due diligence and business analysis of projects around the Globe. Bond Financial is located in United States of America with offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa and our Canadian office shortly to open.

Our experience in both the Domestic and International markets includes emerging countries in Europe, (under the direction of our CFO/Managing Director). Asia, Russia and South African (under the direction of our COO/Managing Director). South America is now on the firm’s radar. Australia and South Africa are currently being developed as excellent sources of new projects in need of funding. Australia’s currently one of the most stable economies in the World having weathered the World economic crises extremely well. It is being considered as an excellent Country in which to invest.

The Bond Financial management team has been involved in business ventures encompassing a vast array of industries, and we welcome any viable project for consideration of funding.

Our international knowledge and experience covers the many complicated aspects of ‘cross border’ lending and greatly assists us to determine the viability of a project and where applicable, to guide the borrower to present their project in the best way possible and to capture the attention of a suitable lender.

We review all viable funding requests. However, International projects must come from countries that are deemed not to support terrorism in any shape or form.


Commercial Real Estate Funding

Depending on the viability of the project, we are able in many cases to provide a direct link to funding sources, such as Domestic and Foreign Banks, Insurance companies, Trust funds, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Private Investors and Private and Institutional lenders.

Commercial Real Estate Funding projects cover many property types, such as, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals, Medical and Adult Care Facilities, Self-storage buildings, Marinas, Golf Courses, Resorts, Churches and many more.

Alternative ‘green’ Energy projects

There are a number of funding sources who are actively seeking ‘green’, environmentally friendly projects such as Biodiesel Fuel plants, Algae to biofuels, Ethanol and Agri-fuel plants, Waste to energy (WTE) and others such as Solar and Wind farms. A good opportunity exists here for funding as many consider these projects to be extremely topical and an excellent area into which to invest.

Project Viability Guidelines

Viability of funding for projects will be determined by many factors, however the main questions that are raised by lenders, of which the borrower needs to be aware are:

  • Is there sufficient collateral in the project to secure the loan?
  • Does the borrower have solid experience in the type of project?
  • How much collateral does the borrower have in the project?
  • Can the revenue from the project support the debt service?
  • Can the funds be repatriated if a cross-border borrower is in default?

Other loan types are available, including Hard Money Loans for those difficult to fund projects. These loans usually come from private funding sources and involve fees at closing and high interest rates. They also usually have pre-closing fees attached to the ‘terms of commitment’, and tend to charge a ‘processing fee’.

We do arrange these Hard Money Loans, however this is very expensive financing and we recommend our borrowers if it is at all possible, to not fund a project by this method. Over the years though, we have seen many projects funded this way because there has been no alternative, and it can be viable where the project is particularly lucrative and can sustain a debt service caused by high interest rates.

When we receive a Project Intake Form (PIF) from a borrower, it is reviewed and an initial determination is made as to its potential viability. Generally speaking 80% or more of all project loan requests from individuals or Intermediaries, are rejected due to insufficient information, poorly presented facts and applications that are not appropriately directed to the funding source. An application or executive summary has to be presented in the ‘language of the lender’ to capture attention and to be considered over all others vying for the available funds. It must hit the reader ‘right between the eyes’!

We look forward to receiving your project application(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we receive regarding the nature of Project Funding.  Please contact our office, should you have additional questions or need clarification on any answer below.

  1. Email our office at and request our Project Intake Form. (PIF)
  2. Complete this form and return it to us for our initial consideration of the project.
  3. If you are an Intermediary, the PIF must be completed and signed by the client.
  4. Incomplete or unsigned forms will not be accepted for review.

No, we do not charge any fees to carry out an initial review of a project.

Due Diligence expenses are charged by some lenders in certain circumstances. The act of Due Diligence should be considered as part of the ‘cost of doing business’ and not as a fee or upfront charge. It should be considered in the same way as paying for an Appraisal or Feasibility Study, or the cost of a CPA preparing financials to accompany an application for a project funding request.

We will accept project funding requests from any country, provided that country does not support terrorism and is sanctioned by the US, UK, Australia, Canada or any GB country.

Interest rates range between 5% and 15%. The vast disparity is due to the wide range of project types, inherent risk, strength of the project and collateral proffered.

Absolutely, we value the relationship we have with our Intermediaries, whether they are Loan Consultants, Attorneys, Brokers, CPA’s, Bankers or any other entity endeavoring to achieve project funding.